Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And...more pictures!!

I'm on a role! More visuals for all the stories. :) This post's pictures go with this blog post here. It's the ghost story one. Super creepy. You kinda have to read it to understand what I'm going to show you here...otherwise the following pictures, although interesting, will not be nearly as much fun! ;)

 The first frame is a collection of all the sculptures that represent the people most deeply affected by the murder of the fictional victim. Family, friends, baby-mommas, etc.
 Oh the tangled webs we weave.....
 Each piece represents a person affected by a single murder.
 Some are a bit creepier, despite all the glitter.
 EVERY SINGLE sculpture piece of this whole thing is going to get a tiny LED light. Most are already rigged with them, but more need to be added. Imagine this piece in a dimly lit room, all lit up!
 There's a tiny light inside that styrofoam ball, the tulle on that heart, inside that glass box. Can't wait to see it all lit up!!!
 Working on wrapping the entire frame in sparkly, metallic gold and black fabric.
 This is the second frame. This one contains sculptures of those the least closest to the fictional murder victim....the "haters", the neighborhood drug dealer, the post man, etc.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about "The 94 Effect" a.k.a The Murder Project!!

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