Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jim Dine Valentine's Day Art Lesson

There are a lot of Jim Dine inspired Valentine's Day art projects out there.... here is my version. Enjoy! This is a great lesson especially for littler ones (K-3), but 4/5ers have fun with it as well. 


• Oil Pastels
• black markers (we used sharpies)
• small pre-cut squares in whatever color (I think these are 4" x 4")
• red construction paper


• Talk about Jim Dine and the Pop Art movement (Pop Artists wanted to sort of rebel against abstract art, and start painting things that everyone could recognize - celebrity portraits, everyday objects, etc.)  Show some of his artwork, especially focusing the slideshow on his heart pieces!
• Have kids draw outlines and shading on hearts with markers. Show kids how to "cross-hatch" for the shading on the top of the heart. Emphasize the thick outline of the hearts.
• Color in little patches of colors in many colors of oil pastel all over inside and outside their hearts until they cover their whole squares.
• Once both squares are done, glue them both to the front of a card folded "hamburger style". Voila! They can write in them to someone in their families - (good opportunity for a writing assignment here!)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Jim Dine Valentine's Day Art Lesson

Jim Dine Valentine's Day Art Lesson

Jim Dine Valentine's Day Art Lesson

Jim Dine Valentine's Day Art LessonJim Dine Valentine's Day Art Lesson

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