Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wayne Thiebaud Lesson for 3rd Grade

Introducing Wayne Thiebaud to 3rd Graders:

My 3rd grade classes loved this delicious lesson! Read on to see exactly what we did:

wayne thiebaud art project, wayne thiebaud kid lesson

• white construction paper
• Colored construction paper for backgrounds (we used yellow, blue and lavender)
• colored drawing chalks
• black marker (we used sharpie)

1.) Introduce the art of Wayne Thiebaud to the kids. Here's a link to get you started. Ask them what kinds of things they notice from the slideshow of his art that you show them. (Pastel colors, repetition, bright shadow colors, they're all desserts!!). Make sure you mention that Thiebaud worked in an ice cream parlour in his early artist days, which inspired his paintings!

2.) Show how to draw a cupcake. Start with a cylinder with tapered sides (don't forget the rounded bottom, not straight across!!) Add frosting on the top, sprinkles and a cherry maybe. Tell them that making 3 cupcakes is one of their options. Their other option is a big cake with a slice taken out. Start again with a cylinder, then a triangle and lines down to take the slice out. 

3.) Kids draw with pencils, then trace over in black marker.  Show how to draw with chalks over their drawings and then blend in with their fingers. The black lines remain. No need to be super careful and stay inside the lines, they will cut these out anyways.

wayne thiebaud art project, wayne thiebaud kid lesson

wayne thiebaud art project, wayne thiebaud kid lesson

4.) Give them a colored sheet for their backgrounds. Remind them of Thiebaud's signature bright shadows, and suggest that they make a line for a table, and bright shadows for however many desserts they drew.

5.) Cut out desserts and paste onto the table over the shadows. YUM!!!

wayne thiebaud art project, wayne thiebaud kid lesson

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