Sunday, November 23, 2014

If the Thunder don't get you....

Happy Sunday, people!

I realized I forgot to share this little project with you all. If you follow me on my facebook page (which if you don't, I'd really appreciate the support! click here), then you may recognize this from the 2 minutes it was actually posted on that page before I took it down. I'll get to that in a minute...

The request for this project was sent less than a week before they wanted it done, and I actually was able to make it happen for them, so that was kind of great :) This is in the brand-spanking-new bar in the Alphabet District of downtown Portland, called "Lightning Will". Check them out if you're ever in the area! A sports-bar-meets-old-school arcade-meets-biker-bar. It's pretty great. They are located at: 305 NW 21 Ave, Portland. The whole place is based off of some Grateful Dead lyrics...the ones I painted over the lighting bolt. This was a fun little project. And challenging too.... freehanding Old English typeface....not the easiest choice. 

And now, my embarrassing story: When I painted this, I actually left out the first "g" in "Lightning". Like, completely left it out. I even showed the bartender who commissioned this, and we both stared at it for awhile, and he gushed. Then, I got home, even posted this on my facebook page, all excited. And then 5 minutes later, my mother called me to tell me the horrible news. OOPS. I immediately set up a time to fix it...which I did. Cannot believe I did that, but I guess I was too focused on how the letters were looking, to think about painting them in the correct order ;) They were totally cool about it though. :)

Go check out Lightning Will and have a great week everyone!

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