Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Six Strong" Mural Project

Hi everyone!

There's not going to be much happening in the way of murals for a few weeks here (construction scheduling... predictably unpredictable!), but there's a lot of mural-ing on the horizon to be looking forward to! 

Today, I finished this sketch for one of the future projects that I'm most excited to be a part of. I was asked to be one of six female mural artists/street artists to collaborate with on one large mural in NE Portland (the Alberta Arts district, if you're familiar with Portland.) I am super honored to be sharing a wall with each of these five talented women! We'll each get one 4'x8' panel to do whatever we want with, as long as it relates to the theme of "female empowerment." The panels don't have to relate to each other in terms of style or color, or anything other than the theme. Instead, each panel is supposed to represent it's individual artist's aesthetic. You can learn more about the project on the Go Fund Me page here.

I was working with two main ideas to make my sketch:

1. The idea that feeling strong, capable, empowered, and independent, but also presenting as "femme", can exist together in the same person. Someone should feel that it's ok to identify as a woman and a feminist, and present themselves as traditionally feminine - or not - as they want. Break the molds, break through stereotypes, break the glass ceiling. But feel that it's also ok to paint your nails and wear pink and glitter along the way, if it makes you feel good to do those things. I'm not sure I'm explaining the idea well enough. Basically, I think it should be considered a legit choice to be a super badass and also glittery if you want to be glittery. Sparkle on!

2. The idea that we are strong through each other and through our communities. I liked the imagery that came up when I thought about women very literally, lifting each other up to positions of greater power and strength.

Hopefully, at least a little of those ideas, or at least positive, empowering vibes, comes across in my panel when it's done. I'm excited to paint this BIG! And extra EXTRA excited to use this much pink glitter on one piece. ;)

Happy one-extra-hour-of-daylight, loves.


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