Friday, January 15, 2016

2015 - A Muralist Year in Review!

Hi Everyone! 

So I was watching a little Youtube while eating a snack, as you do, and thought it would be fun to steal an idea from the "beauty gurus". These "gurus" post videos of all their favorite products of 2015 (makeup is a hobby/interest for me.... because color and texture and GLITTER). So here is the same idea, but from a mural artist instead of makeup artist. Here we go the BEST of 2015:

Murals or painting commissions completed:

Most exciting career move:
Moving to a 4-day work week at my day job as a graphic designer, so that I can use Fridays for mural consults, business tasks, or painting. Love love loving it. 

Favorite mural-ing moment:
Showing up to a job and having the client's 3 year old run up to me, hug my legs and yell: "THE PAINTING MAN IS HERE!" Wrong gender somehow makes heart melt even more.

Grossest mural-ing tool:
A pickle jar I have used to hold water since I'm pretty sure 2005.

Coolest new mural-ing tool:

This awesome rolling tool storage thingy I got from Home Depot. It holds all my paint in the bottom 3 drawers, and other tools (levels, sealer, pencils, respirator) in the top compartment. Organization is helpful, and wheels are easier on my back.

Product most excited to try in 2016:
My sister gave me these mural paint markers for Christmas! I can't wait to see how the acrylic flows through them. Hoping to get some cool effects from these babies. Will also make the initial sketch a snap!

Most impulsive purchase:
I'm so bad when I go shopping at Michaels. Someone will need something very large and neon pink soon though, right?

Favorite brand of paint:
Nova Color is by far the winner. These paints are highly pigmented, so they go a long way, which is important when you are painting walls and using a ton of paint all the time. You can also buy these in 4 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, gallon, and 5 gallon sizes! They are also super affordable when compared to other professional grade acrylics. They are MADE for mural painting because of their flowing consistency. Last year, I made the commitment to myself to start buying better quality paints, and so I tried a bunch of Nova in the 4 oz size, and fell in love. As soon as these run out, I'll be ordering more in the larger sizes. You can call them to request a color chart for free so you can see actual paint swatches before you order.

Favorite color used:
Nova color's Indian Yellow. Just a tiny bit of this goes a long way, and mixes a gorgeous warmth into whatever color you're making. I can't achieve this look with any other color, and certainly not with anything available in the crappy craft acrylic colors that I use to supplement my nicer paint. I will be ordering this by the quart next time for sure. 

Favorite brushes of 2015:
From the top down:
1. Blick Wonder White Round #12
2. Artist's Loft Round Filbert #12
3. Blick MEGA filbert #30
4.  Artist's Loft flat and Filberts #10

Favorite FAVORITE Mural Tool of 2015:

Meet my new car, Carmen! She is the best tool for hauling all this crap to my various mural sites. I was so sad when my 1986 Oldsmobile finally bit the dust this year. I needed something that could carry as much as her, and more. I had my eye on the Kia Soul for awhile now because of this. Big, but not too big. Hatchback trunk situation for ladders, etc. Super happy with my choice!

And there you have it, my favorite favs of the year. Looking forward to trying some new stuff in 2016. Happy painting, to those of you who paint, and actually care about brush names and paint color names haha. To the rest of you readers, thanks for indulging me in my supplies raving.

Overall feelings of muraling in 2015: I have had projects that have grabbed my heart and held on, and I have done projects where the subject matter was not earth-shatteringly-life-changing, but just made me feel good to paint for someone. With the added benefit of that high feeling I get from having a paintbrush in my hands. I feel so lucky to be able to mural as a part of how I make my living. I am excited to paint more murals into 2016, and as long as I am blessed with walls to paint, and people to paint them for.


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