Saturday, January 9, 2016


Hi everyone!

Happy new year! I have BIG hopes and plans for 2016. After a bit of a mural-break over the holidays, I'm excited to get back into the groove. Yesterday was a busy day of three different mural consultations, which have me totally stoked for the months ahead. The first consult of the day had me talking to the National College of Natural Medicine here in Portland, about what could be the BIGGEST MURAL IVE EVER PAINTED. And most public - it's right off of one of the really busy streets in town. The pics below show only 2 of the 3-sided site that they are looking to cover in murals. As far as the subject matter for this one, I was so excited by the initial email inquiry awhile back, that I had to post it to my facebook page. In case you missed it:

Excerpts from a mural inquiry I received today:
"reflect a deep respect for nature "
"an abundant forest"
"a mildly hypnotizing flower"
"A powerful owl would be appropriate"
I'm like, 10,000 TIMES, YES PLEASE. 

This one will require cooperation with the City of Portland, neighborhood, and a committee at the school. So it'll be awhile before paintbrush hits concrete, but I can't wait for the moment it begins. My BIGGGGG public mural dreams look like they're slowly coming true. Thanks, thanks, thanks, Wall Painting Gods. Hoping you get some breaks in 2016 from the gods-of-whatever-you-are-into. :)

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