Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artist in Residence Perks: #1

Getting to listen into kids' conversations with each other. 

I usually pull about 4 kids into the hallway to paint on the mural at a time, then we rotate groups about every 15 minutes so everyone gets a turn. Once I get paint and paintbrushes in their little hands and get them going on a spot to paint, I shut up and just listen.  I'm often amazed, grossed out and/or totally amused by what I can hear sometimes. For example, the following conversation by a few of my 4th graders today:
"Have you seen that show, 'My Strange Addiction'?"

"Yeah. Did you see the one about the lady who has to sleep with a hairdryer in her bed, turned on?" 

"There's lots of crazy people in the world."

"Yeah. Most of them live in San Francisco."

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