Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Nursery Mural

This is again, going wayy back. I did this mural back in 2009.  A friend of my Mom's asked about having me do this nursery mural for her while she was still carrying her baby.  She had spent a number of years in South Africa, mostly teaching English. She wanted to give her child this South African plains scene as one of her first gifts.

South Africa Nursery Mural

South Africa Mural

I had never done a nursery mural before, but from the beginning, the idea just made me warm and fuzzy. I wondered what the kid would think of the mural on their wall once they were older. I wondered if it would someday laugh at the funny looking monkey sitting in the tree, or delight in the fluffy clouds.  I love to paint kids room murals. I've had kids just sit and watch me paint for hours, as if I was just some xbox alternative for the afternoon.  Grab some popcorn, kid. I'll be here awhile.  I love that though. Once, I heard from a mother that her daughter I'd painted a mural for used to say goodnight to it every night before she went to sleep.  That is the kinda stuff that makes this job the best in the world.  Getting to paint and enriching people's lives, in however small a way.

Sure enough, I heard from the woman who commissioned this South Africa mural in her nursery, that now that her daughter is a bit older, she can often be seen "petting" her elephants on her wall. 

Peace, Love and Elephants, 


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