Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mural Barter!

I'm working on a new project that is super exciting for a number of reasons!

Reason #1: the mural is for my friend, Maggie.  It's always fun to brighten up the spaces for people you know personally.  It just makes me want to get it perfectly exactly what will bring them the most joy! 

Reason #2: Maggie is a Masseuse!  So, we are trading "services": I'm making her a big shining mural in her carport, and she is giving me, count 'em.... 5 massages!  I've already gotten 3 and every time I go see her I just get all melty and feel sooo incredibly relaxed afterwards!!  So, some of you may still be stuck on "in her carport".  Well, since you asked, Maggie has her own massage practice out of her house.  She uses a lovely little extra bedroom that is all set up with her table, (which is heated, OMG, heaven for poor-blood-circulation me, who always has cold hands and feet!) music, and beautiful asian-inspired decor.  She has really transformed that part of her house into a beautifully dreamy space where she can do her great healing work on people. This room actually has it's own separate door from the outside, so clients aren't going through her house.  This door is through the carport.  So Maggie has been dreaming of having a calming, asian-inspired mural painted on the wall that her clients see right as they enter and exit her massage studio.  She wanted something soothing, simple and beautiful.  I did a few sketches for her:
We started out with these 3 basic ideas.  We decided on combining elements from each, the birds, the flowering tree and mountains of the second sketch. After adding a muted color palette, our final sketch came out like this:
I cannot WAIT to paint this mural for Maggie! I am loving the idea of bartering. It's how so much of the rest of the world is used to doing business.  "Hey, I'm a tomato farmer and you're an onion farmer; give you some of these for some of those?"  I like it.  More posts on this project to come. Until then, 

Cherry blossoms and hugs, 



  1. can i use this mural? it's beautiful.

  2. I did end up painting this. Some things where changed as I wanted to add a more personal touch to it. My version of the mural is worse probably than yours might have been considering the amount of mistakes that were made going into a mural blind. This would be the first painting of any kind i've really done, but considering that I think we did ok. My friend and I both painted this. Being that you were the original creator of this idea, I feel as if I should let you know that I painted it and I wonder if you'd want to see any pictures?