Friday, May 18, 2012

SUMMER Day Camp?! & NEW JOB!

So yesterday I found out that a parent in one of the schools I teach in, asked my mom (who's also a teacher there) if I would be interested in holding an art camp over the summer for her kids!

UM, YES I am interested! By the end of this month, I will not be working in the schools because school's out for the summer! So yes.  I still will need my little creative master minds in my life.  If there's any way to keep kiddos around through the summer, I will try it. At first I thought, "Too overwhelming, no, I can't!" It's that negative self-talk that sometimes jumps in too quickly.  So I slept on it and this morning I thought, "You know what? You can do this. And it would be awesome."  What's not to love?  Still getting to do all my fun and creative projects with the kiddos, and yet NOT having to wrangle 30-ish kids at a time while doing it.  If I had a small manageable group of kids, how much FUN could we have making art projects all day?!!?  Just thinking about the possibilities has me excited.  So, trying to get that together will be a GREAT Summer project.

In other news.... I GOT A NEW JOB! And right in time too, right? (The whole not-teaching-over-Summer thing I just mentioned).  I'll be a Fine Arts Instructor at Michael's craft store here in Eugene!! SO COOL!  I had to take a test online through the Grumbacher paint brand so they could have me officially certified *ahem*, so official, to work as an acrylics instructor.  When I got this job, it was again, another moment of that little annoying voice in my head that sometimes tells me I can't do something. "How can you teach ADULTS? You've never taught ADULTS!", it said.

But you know what, as I've said before here: Trying something new and bold and challenging is always hard. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. And we might really suck at it the first few times we do this new thing.  But that doesn't mean we won't get better at it, and then end up loving doing it. 

I'm excited (if still a little scared...) for these new ventures. Wish me luck!

Happy new beginnings to everyone out there who's starting something new as well.

Sidewalk chalk and slippin' slides,


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