Sunday, March 22, 2015

Murals on the Horizon

Hey people!

Long time no blog. I gave myself a whole month, to not do any kind of commissioned work. I painted for myself, and took a little break. More on that in a later post. BUT, I'm just about to get back at it! Here's a little preview of some murals that are soon-to-be-painted. All residential murals this time, so they're all somewhat smaller. But, all these scenes have personal meanings to the clients who are commissioning them. I love being able to bring this kind of thing into people's homes: brightening their spaces, reminding them of happy memories, or reminding them of a place that makes them feel at peace. I just handed off all these "sketches" (photoshop collages) to my clients. Can't wait to get painting these! Excited!!


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Closet door mural, portland oregon muralist

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